Friday, December 2, 2011

New York

As of last week, due to family taking precedence over anything, I relocated back to Long Island. I will be taking appointments Sunday's and Monday's at Ziobrowski's Studio in Medford, NY starting this week. It is conveniently directly behind the Medford train station, so Nassau and NYC folks looking to get some work should be easily accommodated. In the coming days I will post where else you can find me.

As far as any clients in Roanoke, as soon as I can I will be returning to Skin Thrills to do some work. Keep an eye on my blog for updates on when and for how long.

To Griz, Goldie, and everyone at Skin Thrills, thank you so much for understanding and giving me a place to do what I love.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuck It

So blogs are the way to go. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and be all internet savvy and shit.  Everytime I tried to run one of these things in the past I ended up working at a shop that I was doing two or three tattoos a week at if I was lucky, so naturally it took the piss out of my sails as far as keeping up on one of these sites was concerned.  Thats all changed thankfully, as I find myself lucky enough to be tattooing my balls off in Virgina these days. The air is cleaner, the people are calmer, the traffic non-existent and the food shittier, but I'm doing what I love everyday finally.

Heres some fancy iPhone pictures of some tattoos and such just to get shit rolling on here.  I'll have prints of all paintings available soon, so be sure to message me if you're interested.  They'll be nice and affordable, somewhere around 15 a pop includng shipping. Thanks for checkin' this out and stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come.